To my black sisters and brothers all around the world.

Mai 20, 2020    

My heart is bleeding because of what’s happening in America – since ages! But I say this with FULL conviction: Most people all over the world are committed to justice and against all forms of racism. You‘re NOT alone – even though it certainly often feels that way. We have to change that feeling!
One of my idols, Prince, said: „Whatever you’re doing, level up!“ All of us must improve ourselves against racism and hate. And I see many are starting to level up now.
Another of my idols is Muhammad Ali. Today is the fourth anniversary of his death. „The greatest boxer of all times“ is forever in my heart – for his humanity. In the memory of my idols, I will fight racism where I can, that‘s my promise.
And there are so much more of us. For every racist ass I meet, I know dozens of people who are working hard for a peaceful and better world.
Stay strong. We will win. Together.
Love and peace from Europe.


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