My Prince Fan Moment


Who of you knows „Springsteen & I“?
It is the documentary on the relevance of Bruce Springsteen’s music for his fans. Springsteen fans spoke their Bruce anecdotes into a camera and sent them in. Sometimes a camera team marched out to dig deeper. Very beautiful, this thing. It makes you realize the importance of music for each and everyone of us, everywhere in the world.

I would like to do the same with and for Prince fans. The idea came up while I chatted with a lot of fans after his death. People told me such wonderful stories that I thought: The world ought to hear about this. And this can happen now.

All you have to do is record a short (max. 3 min!) clip and tell us your most special Prince moment, his significance for your lives and the influence he had on you. Send this clip to me, along with an email that states I have the right to use your material in the film and that I am allowed to publish it. Once we have enough material I will organize for a director to have the film cut.

What is your Prince fan moment?

What significance has his music for you?

What was your most beautiful moment with his music?

I am already looking forward to your stories.